About This Service

CSS provides research support to investigators developing experiment payloads destined for space. CSS fully integrates flight and ground science processing, providing support to mission integration and operations including fabrication, testing and qualifying flight hardware; training crew; implementing Flight and Ground Safety processes; and conducting Preliminary /Critical Design Reviews, Science Readiness /Verification Tests, Payload Verification Tests and On-orbit Mission Support. Our services go beyond the science by providing operation and utilization of facilities and equipment necessary for hardware and science payload development and testing.  

What We Do

  • CSS is an International Space Station National Laboratory implementation partner and a REMIS2 supplier
  • Payload development
  • Ground based space flight operations
  • Sustaining engineering of flight hardware
  • Laboratory staffing—including clean room, AALAC, and ISO accredited personnel
  • Laboratory facility operations and management
  • Proposal development
  • Post-flight data analysis

Related Projects

Network Engineering Design and Support

CSS engineers and deploys large-scale networks to support multi-campus and multi-facility environments.

Custom Software Engineering

CSS develops customized software solutions for NASA life sciences and energy management.

Managed Desktop Services

CSS designed, implemented, and provides ongoing support of a complex virtual desktop and server infrastructure for Space Florida.

Plant Water Management in Microgravity

CSS was selected by NASA through its REMIS contract to serve as payload developer, performing mission integration and operations to advance the fundamental research to a higher Technology Readiness Level.

Grape Microbiota

CSS was selected to develop an experiment payload to examine the effect of microgravity throughout the various stages of wine fermentation.

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